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CCD Focusing V-Cut Processing Machine
  • Microsoft Windows based software for data processing and parts management, available in English version.
  • Heavy cutting without burr; suitable in Single-Double sided, Multi-layer, Rigid-Flex PCB, Aluminum PCB, Copper PCB, and Nonmetal PCB...etc.
  • Not require to pre-drill Pin or NC forming edge, only require fiducial mark (F.M) to mark hole.
  • Big working table: 630mm x 610mm. PCB thickness:0.3mm ~ 3.2mm.
  • Transfer data information from PC to PLC to conduct mechanical control, it is for a more secure and steady running condition, to prevent failure situation and also easy for future maintenance.
  • Use Encoder positioning to ensure the upper and lower blade wont collide. (Possess of collision avoidance function) .
  • Can make cutter jumps on board.
  • With cutter jump, up to 20 jumps per cutting line and up to 50 cuts on one PCB are allowed.
  • Without cutter jump, a cutter can make up to 200 V-cut's on one board.
  • Minimum jump distance 8mm.
  • Applicable to small linking PCB, can prevent board expand or contract and maintain cutting precision.
  • Equipped with high speed CCD with automatic vision offset at set, special design for high precision and production PCB cutting process.
  • Retrofitting of dust cover on Y-axis to protect the quality and the life of linear rail and ballscrew.
  • Stack unloader equipped with panel level adjust function to avoid scratches.
  • A high performance dust extraction system is recommended (optional) to maintain cleanliness.

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【VMS-3500 Specification】
Machine Dimension: L 3387 × W 2180 × H 1300mm
Machine Weight: 2250kgs
Power Requirement:
Power Consumption:
3 Phase , 220V , 50/60HZ , 3.5 KW
Air Pressure:
Air Consumption:
5kg/cm2 , 300L / min.
Working PCB Dimension: Max.:630mm × 610mm
Min.:120mm × 120mm
Thickness:0.3 ~ 3.2mm
First cutting from edge at least 3mm.
Tools Specifications: Outer Diameter:φ120mm
Inner Diameter:φ25.4mm
Number of Teeth:20T
Processing Tolerance: Remain thickness of v-cut tolerance:± 0.03mm
Pitch tolerance of v-cut:± 0.03mm
Parallel tolerance of v-cut:± 0.03mm
Above tolerance, excluded routing error and board bow / twist.
Tools R.P.M.: 8,500R.P.M.
Tools Cutter Speed: 1~40m/mim
Computer Operating System: Windows XP,CPU 2.5G,RAM 1G,HDD 250G
Computer Monitor: 19" LCD monitor, to display machine status, trouble message and data status of production.
Collocate Dust Collector: 4 inches pipes, 5HP, KPa 3.6/4.5, Airflow 35/45m3/min
※ Note : Machine specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Auto Operation Screen   Secondary Image Registration System   Splint Rotary Mechanism   Upper and
Lower LED Light
Auto operation screen clearly shows the production speed, total production quantity, cutting material No. and will also display warning sign when blade needs to be replaced. Secondary Image Registration System can continuously capture two fiducial marks (F.M) to double check the accuracy. High performance LED light makes image clearer. Splint Rotary Mechanism use interchangeable splint, make better holding force.The machine use Japan Mitsubishi controller, French TE auxiliary relay/inverse electromagnetic contactor and adopts CE certification standard method to layout and construct the lines, lines are clearly marked and tidy, easy for maintenance.
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